Dear friend of Fafa’s,

You may have noticed a unique atmosphere you encounter when stepping into a Fafa’s. What is the recipe for it, you may have wondered.

Seven years ago we opened the first Fafa’s in Helsinki at Iso Roobertinkatu. The next 20 shops were operated through a garage. We never wanted to compromise on the quality of our food – hence, all the money earned was and has been used strictly on the product and reacting on the feedback from our customers, including filling those pitas with Finnish ingredients and basically keeping the quality high. Lately we’ve also put a lot of time and effort to develop suitable biodegradable packaging, which we are soon starting to use in every Fafa’s.

So, not a single dime was used for displaying ourselves in advertising spaces or billboards, even not today. That budget has been given to more important factors, such as junior athletes, concert organizers and even to other brick-and-mortars in our restaurant neighborhood. That money has renovated skate parks and awarded young architects and in return, we’ve seen the familiar faces of these communities return to our restaurants, pita after pita. Every time we invest in something new, we ask ourselves are we giving back to the community.

So, Fafa’s is growing and will continue to do so. New cities in Finland, are enjoying the work of our hands. We are finally in a place, where we at Fafa’s can invite not just other communities, but also other individuals to be a part of us. You can now be a part of us.

You heard right – we invite you to be a part-owner of Fafa’s. As any other investment, your contribution will also grow in value. Hence you will be paid an annual dividend from the profits of Fafa’s Plats Finland.

In short, we are now gathering a working capital to carry out new investments, which means hiring new talent, opening up new restaurants and building a better understanding of our loyal client base. With the support of your partnership we can also grow even bigger as the contributor of local communities, and be the future leader of fast casual.

In the end, it all comes down to sharing. And what is food but made for sharing. So, what do you say, partner?

Doron Karavani, CEO

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